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Rock ‘n Rolled Again!

Once again we got featured on Rock ‘n Roll Bride, this time it’s Aurora’s intimates shoot.  This shoot was definitely something a bit different and the results were outstanding!


Cheryl and Bert came to us with very short notice with the request that we shoot somewhere that highlighted the beautiful fall colors since their wedding colors were to be coral and brown. Living on opposite ends of the continent and in different countries (she in Vancouver and he in New Jersey), we had an extremely small window of opportunity to make this shoot happen. Couple this with typically rainy Vancouver weather for November, it would take a minor miracle for this shoot to come to fruition as planned. Luckily for Cheryl and Bert, everything aligned up perfectly and we were able get some gorgeous shots to commemorate their engagement.

Congratulations Cheryl and Bert! It’s readily apparent just how in love you two are with each other!


Aurora | Intimates

Inspired by classic horror films where the protagonist is watched unbeknownst except by the audience, we shot this highly unique intimates set. Rather than the usual crisp, highly glamorous and typical boudoir shoots we sought after a dark and gritty feel to the images. Aurora was looking for something sexy yet different from the norm and we were happy to deliver exactly that!


Random update spam…

While going through to prep a couple of more recent shoots, I noticed that there have been some older material sitting on my computer unpublished on the blog.  Some may have been seen before in our portfolio but others have yet to have been seen on our site.

So here they come in one large random post.

First off, some from Brenda…


Next up, some intimates from Mitzi…


And finally, some couples shots of Angie and Ben.