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Just a short update with a few shots from Courtney and Mike’s engagement session at Whytecliff Park!  More to follow!100515-7100515-8100515-9100515-10100515-11

Victoria Day began at the J+C (+J+J) household with the boys doing their best Superman impressions on the swings at a local park…


Back at home, Jacen was trying his best to look angelic.  Don’t be fooled by that cute face, he can be a little terror as physically advanced 16 month olds are prone to be!  Yes, that *is* a kitchen chair he manages to climb himself up onto with alarming ease and regularity!



At the end of the night, the boys retire into their Spiderman jammies for some before bedtime rambunctiousness…


All in all, it was a much needed family day for the J+C family…

What a blast it was shooting this couple’s engagement session.  Even the blazing hot sun couldn’t dampen our spirits!  Jenn and Ric are such a super trendy and stylish couple — can’t you see some of these shots of them in a Guess ad?  They were great to work with and put up with this photographer’s crazy ideas, even going so far as to climb underneath a bridge overpass!100509-11100509-2100509-3100509-4100509-5100509-21100509-31100509-8100509-9100509-10100509-11100509-41100509-51100509-14100509-15100509-16100509-6100509-18100509-19100509-20100509-21100509-22100509-23100509-24100509-25100509-26

Just a quick post with some teaser shots from Mey and Ryan’s e-session.  More photos to come later in a full post!100513-1100513-2100513-3100513-4100513-6

Stacey | Intimates

As promised, here’s the full post to Stacey’s intimates session.  Hailing all the way from Ottawa, Stacey fits the image of the cheerleader she is to the hilt — cheerful, bubbly, and super upbeat!  While it’s not a far stretch to imagine her cheering away, who would have thought that she’s a wrestler to boot?

Enjoy the photos, that window light was just gorgeous the day we shot (though being lighting junkies, we couldn’t help but add a bit more to give it that extra bit of polish)!


A few quick shots from Jenn and Ric’s engagement session.  Stay tuned for the full post to come!


Natalie and Marcus’ engagement shoot began with a week of fervent weather watching.  They had their heart set on shooting their photos at the field where the proposal went down, the Keg restaurant where they had their first date, and at a beach which unfortunately looked like would be rained out as the week leading up to their shoot was scattered with showers.  As it turned out, the field where the proposal occurred has since been fenced in and the Keg where they had their first date had burned down!

Plan B to the rescue!  Nearby to that field is a large track with bleachers which made for a suitable shoot location.  The added bonus is that the bleachers were under a large white tent which acted like a huge softbox on this sunny day!  As for the Keg, it’s been rebuilt as a swanky new restaurant in a new location.  And the weather?  Unseasonably warm that day and at the beach, Natalie and Marcus whipped off their shoes to for a spirited jaunt through the damp sand and waters and ended up with extremely muddy feet!100418-1100418-2100418-3100418-4100418-5100418-6100418-7100418-8100418-9100418-10100418-11100418-12100418-13100418-14100418-15100418-16100418-17100418-18100418-19100418-20100418-21100418-22