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Jermaine and Derek had some very unique concepts for their engagement shoot — breakfast in bed followed up by some paparazzi-style shots!  More shots from this original themed e-session to come!


Vee + Chris | Wedding Teaser

Hot pink heels and Chuck Taylors… enough said.  Full post coming soon.


Mey + Ryan | Wedding Teaser

A few shots from Mey and Ryan’s fabulous wedding to whet your appetites.  More photos to come in an upcoming full feature post!100802-1100802-2100802-3100802-4100802-5100802-6100802-7

Something for the Gearheads

What happens when two photographers and two videographers are seated at one table?  Well, if those photographers and videographers are from J+C PHOTOGRAPHY and RF Productions, you get a table full of 5Ds, 7Ds, Speedlights, and L-lenses!

It’s a totally drool worthy sight and is a surefire way to incite gear lust in any photographer!

gearPhoto courtesy of Paul from RF Productions.

Some shots from Natalie + Marcus’ wedding.  More to come later but in the meantime be sure to check out the awesome same day edit video from RF Productions.