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Jenn + Ric | Wedding

In Jenn and Ric’s wedding teaser, we mentioned that their wedding was attended by an internet celebrity.  In fact, it wasn’t just that their wedding had an internet celeb in attendance but Ric himself was attended to by this internet celeb.  It turns out that Ric’s brother and best man is actually Youtube funny man Peter Chao!

As you can see from some of the photos of the occasion, humor was definitely a part of this wedding!


Since we’re avid iPhone and iTouch users here at J+C PHOTOGRAPHY, it only made sense for our site to be iPhone friendly… and so we’ve done just that!

Point Safari at from your iPhone or iTouch and you’ll be taken to the mobile version of our site!

Hit the Road Jack!

Wondering about the lack of updates?  Well, it’s because we’ve been on the road lately… everywhere from LA and Las Vegas to Suzhou and Shanghai in China!  Since this was for business, there weren’t many opportunities for photography but a few photos did manage to sneak their way onto a camera.  Most everyone has seen photos of Vegas so let’s enjoy some scenery from China.  Don’t fret though, we’re busy working through our weddings and more of our usual goodness will be forthcoming soon.