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Mey + Ryan | Wedding

Mey and Ryan were probably the most relaxed couple we’ve ever had at a wedding.  These two were so chill that if they weren’t dressed up in their wedding finery, you’d have no idea that this was their wedding day.  Mey had this beautiful long veil and as luck would have it, the wind was blowing when we were doing their photo session and we managed to snag some shots of that veil stretched out in the wind!

Michelle + Mack | Wedding

Michelle and Mack had a small intimate wedding.  Have we mentioned before that we love small intimate weddings?  The nice thing about small affairs like this is that you can get up close and personal and spend a fair amount of time concentrating on the bride and groom without having to worry about covering all the other events happening around them.

Andrea + Rob | Wedding

Andrea and Rob had a lovely backyard wedding followed by a portrait session at the gorgeous Whytecliff Park.  Whytecliff  is quickly becoming one of our favorite locations to shoot.  It’s a bit out of the way (we had a ton of challenges scrambling around the hillside with Jason, whom we shot this wedding with) but you can’t beat the view of the water and the sunsets at this location is a sight to behold.

Natalie + Marcus | Wedding

Natalie and Marcus, one of our favorite couples and also one of our oldest weddings that we haven’t featured yet.  Fortunately, we’re not alone in being extremely late as Natalie and Marcus have just recently given us their final photo selections!

Congrats again guys and we’re happy to see that we’re not alone in putting things off 😉

Jennifer + Jason | Wedding

This was a fun wedding we shot with the fabulous Jason Hong that was full of surprises.  From a groom who showed us a side we’d never seen before (and never care to see again!) during the morning games to a recessional with a rocking live version of Canon Rock and a first dance that rocked the reception, this wedding packed in all the fun and games that make a wedding such an entertaining experience!

Enjoy the photos — and yes, that is an iguana making an appearance in one of the photos!

You know how once you get behind on something and the longer you put it off, the harder it is to get it started again and catch up?  That’s exactly the situation we have when it comes to blogging 🙁

We’re not prolific by any means when it comes to blogging but this delay is long even by our standards! Unfortunately we found ourselves way behind in blogging our events and are seriously backlogged from last year.  But have no fear, we’ll be catching up over the next few weeks and get last years as well as this year’s events highlighted here.

First off is Jermaine and Derek…

We’ve already shot their wedding a few weeks back and we’re just showcasing their engagement session now.  They wanted to shoot a breakfast in bed type of theme for their engagement shoot and it was a great idea.  It was a lot of fun and these two are certainly a playful couple.  After that, we headed out to stroll around the streets of New Westminster for some fun casual shots.

Congrats on your wedding Jermaine and Derek, you make a lovely couple as your soon-to-be-posted wedding photos will show!