You know how once you get behind on something and the longer you put it off, the harder it is to get it started again and catch up?  That’s exactly the situation we have when it comes to blogging 🙁

We’re not prolific by any means when it comes to blogging but this delay is long even by our standards! Unfortunately we found ourselves way behind in blogging our events and are seriously backlogged from last year.  But have no fear, we’ll be catching up over the next few weeks and get last years as well as this year’s events highlighted here.

First off is Jermaine and Derek…

We’ve already shot their wedding a few weeks back and we’re just showcasing their engagement session now.  They wanted to shoot a breakfast in bed type of theme for their engagement shoot and it was a great idea.  It was a lot of fun and these two are certainly a playful couple.  After that, we headed out to stroll around the streets of New Westminster for some fun casual shots.

Congrats on your wedding Jermaine and Derek, you make a lovely couple as your soon-to-be-posted wedding photos will show!

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