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You know how once you get behind on something and the longer you put it off, the harder it is to get it started again and catch up?  That’s exactly the situation we have when it comes to blogging 🙁

We’re not prolific by any means when it comes to blogging but this delay is long even by our standards! Unfortunately we found ourselves way behind in blogging our events and are seriously backlogged from last year.  But have no fear, we’ll be catching up over the next few weeks and get last years as well as this year’s events highlighted here.

First off is Jermaine and Derek…

We’ve already shot their wedding a few weeks back and we’re just showcasing their engagement session now.  They wanted to shoot a breakfast in bed type of theme for their engagement shoot and it was a great idea.  It was a lot of fun and these two are certainly a playful couple.  After that, we headed out to stroll around the streets of New Westminster for some fun casual shots.

Congrats on your wedding Jermaine and Derek, you make a lovely couple as your soon-to-be-posted wedding photos will show!

Seeing as we already posted Mey and Ryan’s wedding teaser, this post with some of their engagement photos is definitely a case of better late than never!

So without further delay, here they are… better late than never!

November in Vancouver is rarely sunny so it’s pretty evident that these photos are a bit overdue. With the dreary weather we’ve been having, some belated shots from Sarah and Stewart’s engagement session highlighting the great summer weather is just what the doctor ordered to combat seasonal November greyness.

Jermaine and Derek had some very unique concepts for their engagement shoot — breakfast in bed followed up by some paparazzi-style shots!  More shots from this original themed e-session to come!


It’s been awhile since we did a full post. With the wedding season in full swing, we’ve been posting up short teasers while we concentrate on shooting and processing weddings but we’re back with a complete post today!

Courtney and Mike’s wedding has just passed but before that big event, we headed out to Whytecliff Park for their e-session. It was our first time there and what a stunning locale it was! If you’re looking for a breathtaking view of the water and rugged natural beauty, this is your destination. It was a wonderful location to shoot at and we got some great shots of this fun couple! They were a pair of regular mountain goats, climbing up the island with ease while this photographer brought up the rear… the far rear of the pack.

Enjoy the photos!


More shots from Sarah and Stewart’s scooterrific engagement session coming soon!


Just a short update with a few shots from Courtney and Mike’s engagement session at Whytecliff Park!  More to follow!100515-7100515-8100515-9100515-10100515-11

What a blast it was shooting this couple’s engagement session.  Even the blazing hot sun couldn’t dampen our spirits!  Jenn and Ric are such a super trendy and stylish couple — can’t you see some of these shots of them in a Guess ad?  They were great to work with and put up with this photographer’s crazy ideas, even going so far as to climb underneath a bridge overpass!100509-11100509-2100509-3100509-4100509-5100509-21100509-31100509-8100509-9100509-10100509-11100509-41100509-51100509-14100509-15100509-16100509-6100509-18100509-19100509-20100509-21100509-22100509-23100509-24100509-25100509-26

Just a quick post with some teaser shots from Mey and Ryan’s e-session.  More photos to come later in a full post!100513-1100513-2100513-3100513-4100513-6

A few quick shots from Jenn and Ric’s engagement session.  Stay tuned for the full post to come!