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Stacey | Intimates

As promised, here’s the full post to Stacey’s intimates session.  Hailing all the way from Ottawa, Stacey fits the image of the cheerleader she is to the hilt — cheerful, bubbly, and super upbeat!  While it’s not a far stretch to imagine her cheering away, who would have thought that she’s a wrestler to boot?

Enjoy the photos, that window light was just gorgeous the day we shot (though being lighting junkies, we couldn’t help but add a bit more to give it that extra bit of polish)!


Stacey | Intimates Teaser

Stacey comes to us all the way from Ottawa and we had a super fun shoot with her.  She’s a fun gal with plenty of smiles and laughs.  Her significant other isn’t too bad either even though he’s a Nikon guy!

Here’s a few quick teaser shots, more to come later!


Rock ‘n Rolled Again!

Once again we got featured on Rock ‘n Roll Bride, this time it’s Aurora’s intimates shoot.  This shoot was definitely something a bit different and the results were outstanding!


Aurora | Intimates

Inspired by classic horror films where the protagonist is watched unbeknownst except by the audience, we shot this highly unique intimates set. Rather than the usual crisp, highly glamorous and typical boudoir shoots we sought after a dark and gritty feel to the images. Aurora was looking for something sexy yet different from the norm and we were happy to deliver exactly that!


Random update spam…

While going through to prep a couple of more recent shoots, I noticed that there have been some older material sitting on my computer unpublished on the blog.  Some may have been seen before in our portfolio but others have yet to have been seen on our site.

So here they come in one large random post.

First off, some from Brenda…


Next up, some intimates from Mitzi…


And finally, some couples shots of Angie and Ben.


Yes, updates have been slow in coming and content has been lacking.  Jen & I welcomed our second child Jacen into our family on February 1st and as a result, photography and finishing up this blog have taken a definite back seat to family time!  I’m working through the backlog of shoots we’ve had since the start of the year and hope to get them posted up shortly.

I’m not much of a blogger, prefering to take photos than writing so on to the photos — here’s the lovely Mae!






And here’s a super cute couple Pacifica & Oliver — aka Hansel & Gretel!




More updates to come as we get back into the swing of things!