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Since we’re avid iPhone and iTouch users here at J+C PHOTOGRAPHY, it only made sense for our site to be iPhone friendly… and so we’ve done just that!

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J+C on Facebook

Yes, it’s true.

We’ve finally succumbed and have created a Facebook page.  Feel free to add us on Facebook and keep up to date with our latest creations.



Victoria Day began at the J+C (+J+J) household with the boys doing their best Superman impressions on the swings at a local park…


Back at home, Jacen was trying his best to look angelic.  Don’t be fooled by that cute face, he can be a little terror as physically advanced 16 month olds are prone to be!  Yes, that *is* a kitchen chair he manages to climb himself up onto with alarming ease and regularity!



At the end of the night, the boys retire into their Spiderman jammies for some before bedtime rambunctiousness…


All in all, it was a much needed family day for the J+C family…