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Rani + Jamal

It’s been ages since we last updated.  Rest assured, we’re still alive and well but we’ve been super busy with a year end rush on albums and Olympic fever!  With all that out of the way now, we’re back into the swing of the 2010 wedding season.  We recently teamed up with the talented duo of Nikki Ali (makeup) and Farhath Patel (henna) on this wedding shoot.  With the unusually temperate winter we’ve had, we were able to take advantage of some sun and shoot outdoors!  Stay tuned for more from our collaborations!

Makeup: Nikki Ali
Mehndi: Farhath Patel


Random update spam…

While going through to prep a couple of more recent shoots, I noticed that there have been some older material sitting on my computer unpublished on the blog.  Some may have been seen before in our portfolio but others have yet to have been seen on our site.

So here they come in one large random post.

First off, some from Brenda…


Next up, some intimates from Mitzi…


And finally, some couples shots of Angie and Ben.


Brenda | Teaser

A quick teaser of Brenda’s recent shoot… more to come later!