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Vee + Chris | Wedding

Vee and Chris — our brother/brother-in-law and sister-in-law… what can we say about them without us talking smack to each other?  This is the nature of our relationship, full of laughs and the occasional (and often times more than occasional) verbal jousting.  It was a fun wedding complete with Chuck Taylors, pink shoes, and a bouquet toss fake-out followed by a mad scramble by the ladies.  And for the record, the groom teared up first at the ceremony 😛

Iana + Max | Wedding

As we alluded to in Iana and Max’s wedding teaser, this wedding was the fastest we’ve ever gone from our initial contact to shooting their wedding.  A total of five days elapsed from when Iana first contacted us by e-mail to her walk down the aisle.

From inception to reception, this intimate wedding was pulled together in a matter of mere months! For those who still believe that a wedding requires many months of planning, Iana and Max have proven otherwise!

Vee + Chris | Wedding Teaser

Hot pink heels and Chuck Taylors… enough said.  Full post coming soon.


Iana + Max | Wedding Teaser

Iana and Max’s wedding was one of the speediest affairs ever and we’ve got more photos from their big day to come!