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Pamela + Frank | Wedding

No, you are not seeing things.

Those are indeed Asian guys in kilts at Pamela and Frank’s wedding.  We shot this unique wedding alongside Jason Hong and captured some interesting moments in the morning that we probably shouldn’t showcase.  Moments like the guys puzzled over how their outfits are supposed to be worn and using Youtube for research.  And muscle poses in the mirror.  And flipped up kilts.  And many others that we can’t even describe much less show!  We’ll have to settle for a shot of the guys “preparing” for a wedding with some pre-wedding PS3 playing.

Janet + Eric | Wedding

Some shots from Janet & Eric’s lovely wedding.  A lesson learned from this wedding: bridesmaids aren’t happy girls at 5:30 AM.  They were much happier after Starbucks opened an hour later and they were able to get their morning coffee!


Cecilia + Tim | Wedding

We recently had the opportunity to attend Cecilia & Tim’s wedding.  It was a beautiful affair in a lovely venue and there were plenty of entertaining moments!

Gotta love it when the couple breaks out into dance to some old-school New Kids on the Block!








Congrats again guys!